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ELF Communication


"ELF Communication" Mission Statement

ELF Communications is a research-oriented website that aims to showcase the work of academics, writers, and researchers from around the world in English.


We have materials from prominent people in their fields of study from various countries around the world, including Japan, the USA, Australia, France, The Netherlands, The Philippines, the UK, Greece, the Caribbean, Portugal, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia.

The varieties of English from the so-called 'Inner Circle' countries are often over-represented, and we would like to give students access to varieties of English they don't often have the opportunity to hear with materials on philosophy, linguistics, mathematics, art, language teaching, and more. 

All our materials include a transcript of the interviewee and time codes to help you navigate the interviews more easily. The interviews are around 10 minutes each and include 5-6 questions about the person's background, research activities, publications, and future plans.

This website can also be accessed by smartphone or tablet to make the experience more convenient.

We hope you enjoy the materials and learn something new while widening your English listening horizons.

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